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The harmonized code To Buy Bathroom Tissue : 4818.10.0000 Toilet Paper or Bathroom Tissue



In 589 AD, the first document account of the use of toilet paper was recovered in early medieval China. However, the product Toilet Paper did not become commercialized in the United States until the 19Th century when a man named Joseph Gayetty introduced Gayetty’s Medicated Paper; a patent for roll-based dispensers was introduced a couple years later by Seth Wheeler.



In the United States of America, Toilet Paper is one of the consumer products with the highest penetration and reaching the consumption of 25 Kg. (+/-) of Paper per capita. Bathroom Tissue or Toilet Paper as it is called and is sold retail and wholesale.


#TP, as referenced in English slang by some users is packed in paper and/or plastic bundles and these are some of the popular configurations : Single Roll, Jumbo Roll Tissue, Jrt 9 inches 2 ply, 4 Pack 2 Ply Tissue, 6 Pack Double Rolls, 8 Pack 1000 Sheets, 12 Double Rolls 2 Ply, 16 Double Rolls equals 32 Regular Rolls, 24 Pack Regular Rolls and 96 Rolls 2 Ply Bath Tissue. 



Bathroom Tissue quality varies based in the region and on the manufacturer, one ply tp scott, 2 ply tissue paper, 3 ply quilted northern, and up to 6 ply toilet paper is available in Europe. The leading 10 toilet tissue brands of the United States are :, Private Label, Angel Soft, Charmin Ultra Soft, Charmin Ultra Strong, Scott 1 Ply Tissue, Quilted Northern Soft & Strong, Kleenex Cottonelle Clean Care, Charmin Basic, Scott Extra Soft, Maxim fit Consumer Bath Tissue 2 Ply Soft & Strong, and Seventh Generation.



Tissue Paper also acts as a layer of protection for the hands during wiping functions. It is sold by sq. ft. as a long strip of perforated paper wrapped around a paperboard core or folded in single pieces for storage and use in a toilet paper dispenser near by a toilet. Toilet paper in the developed countries is designed to be Biodegradable and to be safe for septic systems and sewer systems, whereas other Tissue paper products, Facial tissues, and Wipe products are not.


All our Toilet Tissue Paper products are Biodegradable and Septic Tank Safe, the Packaging used for these products is Recyclable.


Green Envoiromentally Preferable Jumbo Toilet Tissue


Our Products Numbers :

SKU 10645000 Bathroom Tissue 2 Ply 64 Rolls Environmentally Preferable Tissue Paper

SKU 10965000 Bath Tissue 2 Ply 96 Rolls Environmentally Preferable Tissue Paper

SKU 1121000 Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Paper 2 Ply 12 Rolls Environmentally Preferable Paper


The harmonized code To Buy Bathroom Tissue : 4818.10.0000 Toilet Paper or Bathroom Tissue


The UNSPSC Code Set for Tissue Paper Products:


  • Toilet Tissue Paper : 14111704
  • Facial Tissue Paper : 14111701 
  • Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Paper : 14111704
  • Bathroom Tissue Paper : 14111704


The NATO ISO Parts - National Stock Number (NSN) Index :



  • Toilet Tissue Paper : 8540-13-107-5561
  • Facial Tissue Paper : 8540-01-202-3637
  • Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Paper : 8540-13-107-5561
  • Bathroom Tissue Paper : 8540-13-107-5561